Wider WiderCat 92 - Under construction

Project 2024

L.O.A. 28m - 92ft

Widercat 92 is a new catamaran with avant-garde lines, elevated standards of stability and comfort, and boundless versatility. Nevertheless, it is first and foremost a symbol of sustainability thanks to its incredible hybrid propulsion performance. With a length of 28m (92') and width of 12m (39' 4"), Widercat 92 is the brainchild of Luca Dini and was developed in collaboration with Centro Stile Wider. A glass surface distinguishes the hulls from bow to stern and the superstructure’s angled design surrounds the upper deck, flanked towards the bow by Wider’s signature orange line.

The standard layout below deck includes two large VIP cabins with direct access to the beach club via two platforms which can be opened. There is also a third guest cabin, a double with a private bathroom, available. Spaces dedicated to the crew are found at the bow. The shipyard naturally offers the possibility to configure the lower deck with four cabins upon the Owner’s request.

The main deck covers over 100 square metres and around half of this area is home to the spacious owner's cabin. The cockpit is completely customisable and a beautiful 360-degree view can be enjoyed at the stern thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and flush doors.

A noteworthy staircase leads to the upper deck, which includes another cockpit at the bow and is also configurable at the owner's discretion. There is another large area at the stern which encompasses almost the vessel’s entire width and is completely adaptable.

 Centro Stile Wider and the Studio have focused on light, luminous tones for the interiors and completely customisable furnishings and layouts here as well. Teak details are interspersed among numerous features in polished ebony for an entirely harmonious and elegant final result.