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From groundbreaking superyachts to architectural marvels on land: the importance of being part of the process in each project from the beginning to the very end. 

Discover Luca Dini's pioneering journey in yacht design and architecture in the June 2023 issue of Centurion.  Luca Dini is a visionary in yacht design and architecture, known for his unconventional journey from yachts to terrestrial and aerial projects. His career highlights include the groundbreaking M/Y Sea Force One, which redefined luxury with its art gallery-inspired interiors and innovative hospitality spaces. Today, Dini leads a dynamic team in Florence, focusing on custom projects that reflect each client's unique vision. His holistic approach spans yachts, hospitality, architecture, and interior design, with notable projects like the Sindalah Island resort showcasing his creative prowess worldwide. Explore how Dini continues to innovate across diverse domains, shaping the landscape of luxury with his unparalleled vision and dedication to bespoke excellence.