Leisure / Hospitality
Saudi Arabia
260.000 sqm / 84 berths

A masterplan that integrates natural beauty with sustainable architecture inspired by iconic rock formations, celebrating the region's identity and natural wonders. 

This Red Sea Coast Masterplan features unparalleled natural beauty, including pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, majestic mountains, and a vibrant marine ecosystem. The architectural vision aims to seamlessly integrate with this natural canvas, preserving and enhancing its splendor. Hotels and villas will be designed with sophistication, using locally sourced and sustainable materials to blend harmoniously with the landscape.
Iconic rock formations, such as the "Mermaid" and "Mozzarella" rocks, inspire the architectural designs. The sinuous shapes and irregular surfaces of the "Mermaid" rocks will influence the forms and design elements of the structures, creating enchanting spaces that immerse guests in an ethereal ambiance. Conversely, the round shapes of the "Mozzarella" rocks will inspire innovative and organic design concepts, capturing the whimsical and surreal qualities of these geological wonders. The play of light on the rocks will guide the lighting design philosophy, ensuring that the architecture complements and enhances the site's natural beauty.
The meandering river presents a unique architectural opportunity. Buildings will embrace the wadi, seamlessly integrating it into the overall experience. Viewing platforms and pathways will allow visitors to observe the dynamic interplay between water and earth, highlighting the river's profound beauty. The architecture will stand as a testament to the commitment to environmental preservation while creating a world-class destination. Each structure will celebrate the unique identity of the place, contributing to the breathtaking beauty of the region. The designs aim to offer exceptional experiences that showcase the natural wonders of the location while ensuring sustainable practices and a deep respect for the environment.
The project draws inspiration from the enchanting coastal towns of Portofino, Taormina, and Tropea, aiming to create a unique and immersive experience that reimagines their essence in a distinctly Saudi context. The Masterplan captures the relaxed elegance, natural beauty, and cultural richness of Portofino, where colorful buildings cascade down lush hills to meet azure waters. This Mediterranean charm is echoed through terraced structures, vibrant façades, and a harmonious blend of nature and architecture.
Traditional Saudi elements, such as intricate Arabic designs and architectural motifs, are subtly interwoven with Mediterranean influences to create a unique ambiance. A strong emphasis is placed on creating a captivating waterfront, featuring a world-class marina and luxurious waterfront villas. The project seeks to replicate Portofino’s blend of rich maritime heritage and contemporary luxury, promoting local traditions alongside international sophistication.