Rossinavi M/Y LEL

Project 2020

L.O.A. 50m - 164ft

Guest 10 + 2

Cabins 5 + 1 Owner

Crew 9

In phase of completion, FR038 is the first collaboration between the Viareggio-based shipyard Rossinavi and the Studio.

This project is inspired by the age-old conflict between the typical, sporty lines of Italian yacht design and the client’s request to have as many ample and comfortable living spaces as possible. Aiming to abide by the increasingly-more fundamental limit of 500 GT while at the same time achieving an attractive external design.

The fluid forms, modeled in dynamic fashion, and the silhouette are harmonized by characteristic horizontal lines that accentuate the surge and are present on both of the two decks and on the hull, built in aluminium as the superstructure.