We have created a space in Florence where architecture and design become one. Through these endeavours, we have made an indelible imprint in the realm of ultra-high luxury at sea, in the sky, and on land.

As the birthplace of the Renaissance – with its artisans, culture, and dedication to beauty and perfection – Florence continues to be an endless source of inspiration, tirelessly driving and distinguishing each of our firm’s projects.

It was here, in this multifaceted city, that Luca Dini established a team in 1996 to conceive custom projects and transform them into innovative solutions. From the very beginning, his team has celebrated the craftsmanship of Florence, going beyond mere tradition to showcase a research-oriented and development-driven firm, creating a new language open to human interaction.

Today, with the contribution of over 300 external collaborations and a team of more than 50 professionals, including architects, yacht designers, interior designers, naval and civil engineers, fabric and furniture designers, and 3D animators, visionary ideas transform into ambitious projects.

Our sole objective is to amaze those who are accustomed to being astonished and this is the driving force behind LUCA DINI Design & Architecture. This unorthodox philosophy blends the power of technology with the charm of artisanal tradition, and vice versa, giving rise to a new interpretation of innovation. This interpretation transcends unseen forms and showcases entirely new solutions and materials designed to revolutionise established ways of thinking and acting, in collaboration with small artisanal entities or large enterprises. This synergy is deeply rooted in a place which speaks the universal language of excellence.

Expansion was inevitable: we are ranked third in Italy for turnover and a joint-stock company since 2023. Today, in addition to our headquarters in Florence, we have an office and showroom in Forte dei Marmi and we are preparing to open new offices in Riyadh and Neom to oversee projects in that region.

This is how design and architecture have become two distinct yet harmonious souls at LUCA DINI Design & Architecture. One seamlessly flows into the other in a world where even the most distant elements can coexist: aesthetics and functionality, elegance and innovation, sea, sky, and land.


Florence has always been a fountain of inspiration for our firm's projects, both on land and at sea. This inspiration extends beyond its beauty, to its longstanding artisanal tradition. It is here where a passion for research and development has emerged, ultimately defining our firm's innovative approach.

This innovation manifests not only in unseen forms, but extends to the production of extraordinary materials in collaboration with exceptional artisans, aiming to astound those who are already accustomed to wonder.