From sea to land, from superyachts to exclusive private residences, from marinas to entire islands. Our firm has swiftly become an international benchmark in the ultra-high luxury world of architecture. Resorts, hotels, villas, golf, and yacht clubs. The challenge of these projects has consistently involved generating a sense of awe and wonder, ultimately aimed at revolutionising the fundamental principles of contemporary living.

These principles embody Neom, a new destination in the Red Sea in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, where our firm is involved in numerous projects. Neom is a vision of the future at a time when the world craves innovative solutions. Here, we have envisioned Sindalah, a breathtaking island abundant with unspoiled natural beauty, poised to become an ultra-high luxury destination. Our comprehensive undertaking encompasses the visionary concept, meticulous masterplan, architectural design, and exquisite interior spaces.