Rossinavi's 72M Project Seventy showcases avant-garde nautical technology and redefines luxury with panoramic sea views, luxurious amenities, and versatile onboard spaces. 

The Rossinavi 72M Project Seventy stands as a flagship of its line alongside the 60-meter model, showcasing avant-garde nautical technology. Drawing from insights gained during the collaboration on the M/Y LEL (50m) in 2020, Rossinavi sets new standards with Project Seventy. Each exterior deck provides panoramic views of the sea and is equipped with a range of luxurious amenities, from the helideck forward on the bow to a spacious jacuzzi aft. The yacht's sleek lines seamlessly merge streamlined sport design with elegance, offering ample space for opulent Mediterranean cruises or adventurous journeys to the Arctic. Versatility is a hallmark, with two garages housing an array of water toys: tenders, jet skis, a canoe, surfboards, and even a submarine. The layout is meticulously crafted to offer diverse experiences throughout the yacht. Highlights include dedicated gyms for both owners and guests, a teppanyaki area, a Texan bar, a spa within the beach club, and two "sea cabins" for unforgettable nights close to the water's edge. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that Project Seventy delivers unparalleled luxury and versatility on the open seas.