M/Y LEL combines Italian yacht design with expansive living spaces, featuring a unique upper deck dining area and emphasizing versatility and sleek aesthetics. 

M/Y LEL, a 50m/164ft luxury yacht built by Rossinavi and scheduled for completion in January 2020, represents the inaugural collaboration between the Viareggio-based shipyard and our Studio.
This project harmonizes the timeless appeal of Italian yacht design with the client’s vision for expansive, comfortable living spaces, all within the constraints of a 500 GT limit. Extensive research has led to the incorporation of two distinctive features: the upper deck's dining area, which seamlessly transforms into an extended interior space through a series of sliding glass doors enveloping three sides, and the Beach Area located on the lower deck's farthest edge. Here, the bridge level aligns with the main deck rails, creating a spacious, two-level terrace offering unparalleled views of the sea.
The external design of M/Y LEL emphasizes versatility, inspired by the owner's desire for generous volume and a sleek aesthetic reminiscent of sporty SUVs. This design approach seamlessly blends spaciousness with tapered, athletic lines that exude personality and strength, making M/Y LEL an ideal choice for luxurious comfort and extended voyages on the water.