Saudi Arabia
10.000 sqm

This ultra-luxury mansion's interiors embody the five elements with distinct materials, highlighting contrasts and the surrounding environment. 

The interiors of this ultra-luxury mansion in Saudi Arabia are meticulously designed to embody the philosophical concept of the five elements. Each main room features distinct materials symbolizing earth, fire, water, air, and spirit, creating a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere. The spatial arrangement transitions from the solidity of the basement volumes, representing earth and fire, encompassing areas dedicated to guests and family, to the lighter elements of air and water at the building's extremities where it meets the mountain, signifying the gradual dematerialization of the structure.
In the cantilevered section, representing the spirit, the environment becomes ethereal and light, with materials such as glass and pneumatic balloons that open and close, creating a dynamic and ever-changing space. This sense of lightness is consistently maintained throughout the overhang. The spa, nestled within the mountain, offers a contrasting ambiance with a strong fire theme, featuring rough lava rock that simulates a volcanic eruption interacting with water, evoking the sensation of being at the earth's core.
The mansion's interiors maintain a strong connection with the surrounding environment, evident even from within the family's private spaces. The primary bedroom, like all family quarters, is designed for comfort and livability, furnished with the finest materials and exclusive finishes. Light plays a crucial role in all rooms, enhancing the continuous relationship with the external world.
Overall, the interiors of the mansion exude warmth and elegance, offering a stark contrast to the exteriors, which are designed to harmonize with the rugged, arid mountainous landscape. This thoughtful interplay between the internal and external environments underscores the mansion's unique architectural narrative, blending sophistication with a deep reverence for nature.