Private Owner

Project 90 redefines nautical luxury with verandah-style lounges, a sea-level beach club, gym, wellness area, a toy garage, and heli-hangar. 

Project 90, a collaboration with Yacht Moments, represents the epitome of nautical luxury and innovation in a 90-meter yacht. This extraordinary vessel is outfitted with an array of top-tier amenities, showcasing verandah-style lounges on the two upper decks that seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, offering breathtaking panoramic views. The expansive beach club, featuring doors that open directly at sea level, allows a 12-meter limo tender to dock within its elegant confines. On this same deck, a state-of-the-art gym and a comprehensive wellness area, complete with a massage zone, sauna, and hammam, provide a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. At the bow, the toy garage houses an amphibious tender, a submarine, and a heli-hangar, promising unparalleled opportunities for adventure and exploration. Project 90 is a masterful blend of opulence, cutting-edge technology, and refined design, setting a new standard in yachting excellence.