Saudi Arabia
5.000 sqm

The interior design of this Luxury Mansion in Saudi Arabia integrates futuristic technology with expansive spaces, seamless surfaces, and natural/artificial light. 

The interior design concept of this Luxury Mansion in Saudi Arabia is inspired by its architectural vision: a human-centric, futuristic technological marvel reaching towards the captivating universe. It enhances the mansion's expansive physical spaces with its impressive structure and wings, integrating innovation and cutting-edge technology.
Key materials for flooring and ceilings include basic and raw elements such as resin and plaster, chosen for their ability to create seamless surfaces without joints across different areas, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces to expand spatial perception and blur boundaries. The use of continuous materials is deliberate, aiming to establish a sense of unity inside and replicate the monumentality of the exterior.
The ceiling plaster features a striped (bark) finish, allowing light to interact and creating striking light and shadow effects. Special elements, such as walls in the main entrances and master bedroom, are adorned with unique materials selected to match the mood of each space.
A crucial aspect of the interior design is the relationship with light: large windows and a skylight are prominent, enhancing the design of all main areas. Glazed facades maintain a strong connection with natural and scenic light, transforming spaces at night into different worlds using high-tech artificial lighting.
Home automation and innovation play a pivotal role, with each area designed to provide not just a luxury home but an extraordinary living experience. The house is adaptable to users' needs, featuring projectors and full-wall screens that can alter room settings, spatial perception, and colors, transporting users from Saudi Arabia to Mars or the Chianti hills in Italy at the touch of a button.