Columbus Sport - Under construction

Project 2020

L.O.A. 50m - 164ft

Guest 8 (+1) + 2

Cabins 4+1 Owner

Crew 11

With aluminium hull and superstructure, in phase of completion for an American Owner, it is the first example of the Columbus Sport superyacht line designed by the Studio, which also includes a 43, a 67 and another 50 m boasting a sun deck and called 50 Fly.

The Studio contributed to the design and style, taking inspiration from the automotive industry and enriching the new line with original details.

The external lines are streamlined, sporty, and well defined, giving life to a decisive style with sculpted forms in perfect harmony with the open, comfortable and liveable spaces, reflecting the Owner’s personality.

Even the interior design concept recalls the Owner’s lifestyle. Endearing, free-spirited, liveable, unique.

This superyacht project was developed with the intention of maintainig the volume at or under 500 GT.