Gentleman's Yacht

L.O.A. 24m - 79ft

Guest 4 + 2

Cabins 2 + 1 Owner

Crew 2

In 2015 LUCA DINI Design & Architecture, commissioned by the company at the time owner of Cantieri di Pisa, began a project aimed at the reinterpretation of the stylistic features of Gentleman's yachts Polaris (1961) and Kitalpha (1965), harmoniously combining lines and vintage flair from the 60s with exclusive and technologically advanced solutions.

Given the success of this project, the line was subsequently expanded to include 30 and 50 m models.

The Studio curated the design of the external lines, internal layout and interior design through careful research dedicated to balancing comfort and functionality, with added detailing and surfaces in wood and chrome plated steel for a surprising effect.

Construction materials can be chosen between steel (displacement) or aluminium (semi-displacement).
The internal layout, like the interior itself, is completely customizable according to personal preference. The transom, for example, gives way to a large tailgate that opens to reveal either a garage or a spacious, air-conditioned Beach Club. All of the comforts of a large yacht in just 24 m.