The Red Sea’s new ultra-high luxury destination

The island of Sindalah is located on the Red Sea off the coast of NEOM, in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. The island, currently under construction, will feature an array of captivating tourist facilities, including an exceptional beach club, yacht club, luxury spa, and prestigious hotels such as a Four Seasons Resort and the first Marriott Autograph Collection and Luxury Collection hotels in Saudi Arabia.

Our collaboration with NEOM began in recent years on various projects. Our vision for Sindalah was selected and we designed the master plan, encompassing the architecture and interiors for the entire island. Our goal has always been to bring forth something novel with meticulously designed materials, finishes, and solutions in collaboration with businesses that share our commitment to excellence.

Sindalah will be the first NEOM project to be completed. The advantages of this island are its year-long appeal, proximity to Europe and rich marine life. Three hotel resorts featuring over 400 ultra-premium rooms and 300 top-end suites, a golf club and a prestigious marina featuring an 86-berth for yachts up to 75 meters and serviced buoys for superyachts up to 180 meters.

There will also be an extensive avant-garde retail mix, exceptional food and beverage offerings and a glamorous yacht club, which will come together to create something fresh, inventive, and visually appealing - a gateway to the Red Sea.

Sindalah's design pays meticulous attention to seamlessly blending with its natural surroundings, ensuring the preservation of the marine ecosystem surrounding the island, aligning with NEOM's core values of sustainability and environmental conservation. 

In addition, its strategic location near the Mediterranean Sea allows passengers to easily access its various yacht marinas via the Suez Canal within a day, which would attract boat and yacht owners from both the region and Europe. Sindalah is the new ultra-prime luxury destination of the Red Sea.


Sindalah's strategic location near the Mediterranean Sea allows easy access to its yacht marinas within a day via the Suez Canal, attracting boat and yacht owners from the region and Europe.

Sindalah will represent a new and exclusive destination for the world of yachting – a new focal point for yacht ownersseeking an alternative destination to the Caribbean in the winter. Just a few hours from Europe by air and less than a day by sea, Sindalah – and in the future, the archipelago of NEOM – will be the ultimate luxury yachting destination for yacht owners who desire quick access to their vessel amidst the beauty of uncontaminated waters and the comfort of every ultra-high luxury service imaginable.

This integration of yacht design experience into architecture and an entire island destination, and vice versa, showcases our expertise.

Our firm in Florence specialises in custom superyacht design, creating unique and extraordinary vessels. Our sole mission is to astonish those who are accustomed to being amazed every day. We bring the same attention to detail to enhance the concept of aesthetic and functional innovation.

Collaborating with renowned international fashion maisons and boutique Italian artisans, we ensure the uniqueness of this project, which has a magnificent future already envisioned.


Our primary and fundamental goal is to preserve the coastline's integrity and ensure the pristine quality of the surrounding clear seawater. In line with this objective, we are committed to maintaining safe construction spaces and employing cutting-edge technology and solutions to minimise potential adverse impacts on the marine environment during and after construction. During the design stages, we were enthralled by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature in "Sindalah" and the encompassing Red Sea, which became a boundless source of inspiration. One remarkable example of our vision is the village we meticulously planned around the marina—a seamlessly integrated space that, upon closer examination, reveals a vibrant community.

Innovation resides not only in the forms but also in the materials we utilise. These materials, crafted in collaboration with skilled artisans, have been conceived to go beyond astonishment and also harmonise perfectly with the surrounding architectural aesthetics and the hues of the sea, sky, and island sand.

Through close collaboration with talented craftsmen and artists, we have developed and produced materials unparalleled anywhere in the world. A striking instance is the technical use of polycarbonate, a material commonly employed in various industries, which we have applied in an innovative and unprecedented manner.

Another testament to our creativity is our design for a hotel with facades clad entirely in partially recycled plastic—an exceptional showcase of our commitment to promoting sustainability and a remarkable way to capture the breathtaking reflection of sunlight during sunset. Furthermore, our golf club, completely enveloped in eco-leather, will stand as an architectural icon like no other.

Four Seasons Resort in Sindalah

Beach Club

Autograph Collection Hotel in Sindalah

Golf Club & 9 holes Golf Course

The Luxury Collection Hotel in Sindalah

The Village