Saudi Arabia
830.000 sqm / 670 berths

The strategically located Starfish Marina, with nZEB standards and a CO2-negative balance, minimizes environmental impact with ecosystem protection, water recirculation, and an edutainment park. 

The location of Starfish Marina has been carefully selected based on a comprehensive assessment that includes on-site surveys, environmental impact analysis, and its connection with commercial activities, serving as a significant draw for tourists and residents. The marina's iconic image and its effectiveness in relation to the city have also been considered.
This chosen location represents the optimal solution for an onshore marina, leveraging the natural conformation of the coast to minimize the need for protection works (breakwaters) and dredging of the seabed. The design is particularly attentive to the protected reef, which has been enhanced with the introduction of an eco-park. Nearly all natural elements of the bay remain untouched, with only minor dredging in sandy seabeds to accommodate larger yachts. Two smaller marinas are conveniently located within a 5-minute boat ride, and land connections are efficient.
Starfish Marina is designed as a sustainable infrastructure with green certifications, nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building) standards, and a CO2-negative balance. To minimize environmental impact and achieve the goal of 500 berths, the port has been developed according to innovative criteria for ecosystem protection and development.
All marina components are floating, ensuring complete water recirculation to maintain ecological corridors. The marina water is distinct from the surrounding water to mitigate surface wave motion.
A system for purifying pollutants produced by moored boats guarantees water quality throughout the bay. Real-time sensors monitor water quality to detect anomalies in pollutant concentrations. All technological systems are designed to prevent the dispersion of pollutants into the sea.
The coral reef surrounding the promontory is under threat, classified as level 1 alert risk by NOAA Coral Reef Watch. The marina area around the fringing reef is conceived as an edutainment park, aimed at environmental enhancement of Neom's bay. This park includes leisure attractions on floating artificial islands and a coral farm, with the triple intent to educate visitors about ocean warming and coral death, cultivate coral to nourish the Neom area, and increase the appeal of the promontory's seabed for diving and snorkeling.