Leisure / Hospitality
Saudi Arabia
47.000 sqm

Rock Resort in the Red Sea integrates hillside suites and natural features to preserve the island's beauty with outdoor areas, private beach access, and luxurious amenities. 

Preserving the island's extraordinary beauty is paramount, maintaining its natural state including rocks and coral reefs. Settlements will be discreetly integrated into the rocks to minimize disruption to nature. Suites will be nestled on hillsides near the sea, featuring expansive outdoor areas, protected terraces, swimming pools, and direct beach access.
This design provides guests safety within the heart of the rock, with views extending to the infinite blue horizon—the line of happiness. Vegetation, pools, and shaded spaces will adorn fractures and excavations in the rocks, ensuring privacy without obstructing the connection with nature. These spaces welcome scented marine breezes and the calming sound of waves, while covered areas offer shelter from excessive light and heat.
Guests arrive by small boats from the south pier to a service center with reception and amenities. Electric vehicles transport them around the island, which includes an equipped beach, spa, wellness center, entertainment facilities, and diverse restaurants facing the sea and sunset. The highest spot, connected to the western lagoon, is reserved for the royal family, complete with its own helipad.
The premises are arranged vertically along the rocky slope, offering exclusive sea views. An infinity pool crowns the construction, commanding the entire island. The main access to the lobby is via a surprising waterway.
From the Royal Suite, guests access the beach on the lagoon enclosed by the coral reef directly. This stretch of sea is exclusively for the Royal Family.