Leisure / Hospitality
Saudi Arabia
30km of coast / 26 sqkm / 970 berths

This Masterplan draws inspiration from the French Riviera, focusing on high-end and family living, innovation hubs, creative spaces, and robust infrastructure. 

Based on benchmark analysis, specifically referencing the French Riviera, this Masterplan in Saudi Arabia draws inspiration to develop compelling experiences and high-end living as its central focus. The city's new organization and vision also prioritize family living, innovation hubs, creative spaces, public realm enhancements, and robust infrastructure and services. The concept proposal embraces and aligns with four compelling conceptual nodes identified in the broader vision, providing essential anchor assets for each node.
Moreover, the Masterplan's public realm enriches these nodes with cohesive communal spaces. The vitality and prosperity of the community depend on attracting talented individuals, fostering their interactions, promoting lifelong learning, and creating a knowledge-intensive economy. Additionally, the environment aims to enhance the quality of life for families and individuals, making it an attractive destination for compelling experiences and high-end living.
This environment includes provisions for entertainment, leisure, sports, art, culture, music, media, fashion, luxury retail, and beach and boat tourism. It also supports study, research, creativity, work, and innovation across various sectors, all facilitated by cutting-edge technology. The urban spaces will be dense, welcoming, and inspiring, reminiscent of Mediterranean cities, with multiple centers of attraction and advanced technological integration.
Futuristic mobility solutions and multifunctional workspaces are integral to the city's design, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to urban planning.