Leisure / Hospitality
Saudi Arabia
55.000 sqm / 250 keys

This luxury resort blends stone architecture with water features like lagoons, connecting a monumental hall, towers, and villas via pathways and squares. 

The proposed luxury resort is nestled on a peninsula characterized by sandy and rocky terrain, gently rising to smooth elevations that slope down towards the East, opening up into a wide sandy plain over a mile wide at its narrowest point, extending towards the mountains in the East.
The western coast is embraced by a coral reef, creating two lagoons to the north and south of the peninsula. The name evokes the image of an ancient ruin, newly reconstructed from a distant past. It is not merely a building, but a form of land art that seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape across the entire peninsula.
The resort complex features several distinct elements arranged in a hierarchical manner: a monumental hall, two tall towers positioned at each end of the peninsula facing the sea, and two-story villas for guests. These elements are connected by pathways, colonnades, and squares at various levels. An artificial canyon linking the two lagoons houses the Spa and Gym facilities.
The architecture of the buildings is characterized by stony walls, columns, and soffits, accented with bright and reflective materials such as brass and copper inserts. The desertic landscape is enhanced with water features, including ponds connected to the sea and private pools serving the luxury accommodations.