Leisure / Hospitality
Saudi Arabia
965.000 sqm / 300 berths

A macro-functional city with eco-friendly infrastructure, personalized spaces, luxury resorts, and comprehensive amenities, powered by renewable energy and harmoniously connected to nature. 

As the cornerstone of our planning efforts, benchmark analysis has been pivotal in shaping the structural framework for this project. It began with identifying macro-functional zones, each contributing a distinct essence to the cityscape. The downtown area is set to be the bustling nucleus, featuring a variety of residential structures, services, amenities, entertainment, and commercial venues.
Amidst the coastal promontory and mountainous terrain, there are two distinctive mansion areas: the Cliff Mansions overlooking azure waters, and the Mountain Mansions nestled in nature's embrace. Two marinas have been delineated: a primary Eco-Marina near downtown with state-of-the-art labs, a coral farm, a Yacht Club, and various amenities, and a secondary fisherman's marina in a quaint village, home to the fish market.
The 5-star Luxury Resort graces the coastal promontory, offering panoramic views of the sea and mountains, nestled between main and small lagoons. Pristine beaches and public spaces lie at the heart of the urban design, featuring a public beach with numerous amenities fostering community gatherings and leisure.
The sports area bridges the urban expanse and mountains, offering an 18-hole golf course, sports fields, and theme parks, including an aquatic park, climbing terrain, and adventure experiences. The city caters to every inhabitant's needs, intuitively adapting to each newcomer's biometric profile and preferences, providing customized spaces and complete control over comfort devices.
Korhalia boasts a robust network of physical and virtual connections, producing and providing all conceivable goods. Its energy comes from renewable sources—wind, sun, and terrestrial enthalpy—while water is sourced through night time condensation processes (foggara). An agrarian system harnesses the temperate climate, yielding fresh produce daily, with integrated management ensuring prompt processing and supply.
Korhalia evolves alongside its environment, forging strong ties with the ecosystem through a constant exchange of energy, matter, and information. The city's design mitigates desertification, harmonizing with the natural landscape and fostering ecological balance. Inspired by ancient techniques like foggara, the renewable energy grid and water system ensure efficient resource allocation and reflect centuries of Arab civilization.
Korhalia's design reimagines the territory with a network of trails revealing natural, landscape, and cultural treasures. Eco-conscious practices and diverse routes allow inhabitants to explore at their own pace. From coastal lagoons to cultural heritage sites and mountain trails, Korhalia offers experiences tailored to individual desires.