Leisure / Hospitality
Saudi Arabia
2.000.000 sqm / 460 berths

Akropolis sustainably blends Arab heritage with modern innovation, featuring isolated blocks connected by scenic routes, electric transport, lush greenery, and advanced infrastructure. 

Akropolis, a city beyond imagination, is an experience woven into the fabric of discovery. Nestled amidst a unique landscape, Akropolis is nearly invisible from afar, harmoniously blending dreamy seascapes and pristine mountains. Inspired by the spirit of original Arab settlements, Akropolis embodies the history and future of its land.
The city is organized into isolated blocks, each uniquely shaped by the coastline and connected by roads carved into rock or hidden underground. Shared cars and on-demand public transport are entirely electric. Pedestrians and active mobility enthusiasts can traverse detached panoramic routes, such as the promenade connecting buildings to beaches and the "digital desert" 18-hole golf park, offering breathtaking sea and city views.
Akropolis features blocks emerging from existing hills and rocks like ancient castles, some recessed below the earth's surface, offering spectacular views and chiaroscuro contrasts of the sea and mountains. Inside these blocks, life thrives with nature, comfort, leisure, and contemporary amenities. Lush greenery and a microclimate foster a social and recreational environment.
Public parks and food farms, with a short supply chain of bio-cultivated products, further enhance the city's sustainability. Solar farms minimize electricity consumption, while a technologically advanced structure screens open-air living spaces, controls climate, integrates smart city data, and offers personalized services.
The city employs advanced systems for electricity distribution, wastewater collection, and water supply. Perforated walls ensure indoor air quality, and greenery mitigates the heat-island effect.
Self-driving pods deliver goods, while water bodies cool microclimates through evaporative cooling. Hotel units are distributed across various buildings, providing regular hotel services and fostering a genuine community experience.