Mondomarine unveils new Discovery 57 m yacht

The Italian shipyard Mondomarine, a Palumbo Superyachts’ brand, has recently been busy adding an entirely new Discovery line designed by LUCA DINI Design & Architecture to its projects. Encapsulating the distinctive characteristics of Explorer and Shuttle style yachts, this innovative design reveals exceptionally large outdoor spaces combined to an extremely liveable indoor layout, cleverly blurring the boundaries between the two areas.

The Discovery line is four models strong, including the 43, 50, 57 and 75 m versions and it steps up to the podium alongside the timeless all-aluminium Classic line available in the 43, 50 and 63 m developments.

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M/Y Agora III on Boat International

East met West when a Japanese client turned to an Italian shipyard and designer to build his country’s largest private yacht, learns Caroline White. European shipyards are used to tailoring their offerings to clients based outside the Med, in the Middle East or Russia, for instance. But for Ancona-based ISA Yachts, its first ever client from Japan meant the yard had to radically rethink a few established conventions. The result, 43 m M/YAgora III, is now the largest private yacht in Japan.

First of all, I think it’s important to understand that the owner is Japanese,” says Luca Dini, the yacht’s interior and exterior designer. Dini had penned the owner’s previous boat, a 32 m built in Taiwan, so he was schooled in his tastes and culture. But this time, says Dini, “His dream was to have an Italian yacht – Italian, as in not only being from Italy but also with the recognisable design that is from an Italian pencil.

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M/Y Sarastar featured in Murder Mystery on Netflix

The M/Y Sarastar is now featured in Murder Mystery, one of Netflix’s most watched titles with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

Many of the movie's scenes were filmed aboard the yacht, both during navigation and on board. The scenes inside were instead shot in the studios where the interiors were recreated with a different style from the original.


Mondomarine launches the new Classic line Excellence of the classic Italian style

The new all-aluminium Classic line is intended as a revisited version of the distinctive style of the historic Mondomarine shipyard, part of Palumbo Superyachts from last autumn.
This model range comes in the 43, 50 and 63 m versions, all with semi-displacement hull and low draft to guarantee access to the most exclusive beaches and shallow waters also in the Caribbean.
The first project to be developed by LUCA DINI Design & Architecture, entrusted by the yard with both the concept design of the Classic line and of the new Discovery line, is the Classic 50 m.

“The 60 m M/Y Sarastar delivered by Mondomarine in 2017 was my starting point,” says Luca Dini.
“Speaking of external lines, our target was an evolution, yes, but without distorting the original design of that boat characterized by a sporty and elegant footprint with a combination of corners and curves, sinuous shapes and angles that, far from being strident, was quite harmonious. In short, a creative review that, paradoxical as it may seem, translates into a Modern Classic”.

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